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BEZHIN ROSKOWelcomeResearchServicesAlgal culturesAkira Peterscv and publicationsDegemer matKlaskerezhServichouAkira PetersBienvenueClients/PratikouClient#1Map/KartennLe SantecMARCHESINGREDIENTSFormes
BEZHIN ROSKOWelcomeResearchServicesAlgal culturesAkira Peterscv and publicationsDegemer matKlaskerezhServichouAkira PetersBienvenueClients/PratikouClient#1Map/KartennLe SantecMARCHESINGREDIENTSFormes
cv and publications
Curriculum vitae of Akira F. PETERS, December 2016

Profession and competences
  • Scientist-Lecturer
  • Specialist in biology of marine macroalgae, 109 scientific publications, 101 thereof in peer-reviewed journals
  • Marine biologist since 1981, work in Germany, France, Chile, The Netherlands, England
  • Languages spoken fluently: German, English, French, Spanish, Breton
  • Computation: Apple Macintosh; ADOBE Photoshop, Illustrator, MICROSOFT Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PAUP, …Internet… 
  • 2007- Independent researcher ("gentleman scientist"), consultant, director of individual enterprise BEZHIN ROSKO (
  • 2010-2013 Bio-engineer, Station Biologique, Roscoff (part time)
  • 2008-2009 Research fellow, Marine Biological Association of the UK, Plymouth
  • 2001-2006 Scientist and Associate Professor, Station Biologique, Roscoff and                      Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris
  • 1992-2001 Post-doc and Assistant Professor, Institut für Meereskunde, Kiel, Germany
  • 1990-1991 Post-doc, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
  • 1987-1990 Post-doc, Universidad Austral, Valdivia, Chile
  • 1986-1987 Post-doc, Biologische Anstalt, Helgoland, Germany
  • 1981-1986 PhD student, Research assistant, University of Konstanz, Germany
  • 1998 Habilitation, University of Kiel, Germany
  • 1986 PhD in biology, University of Konstanz, Germany
  • 1981 Diploma thesis in Biology, University of Konstanz, Germany
Fundamental data
  • Date of birth: 15 February 1957
  • Place of birth: Tokyo, Japan
  • Nationality: German

List of Publications of Akira F. PETERS, December 2016 (n=109)

Articles published in scientific journals with peer review

91. Macaisne, N, Liu, F, Scornet, D., Peters, A.F., Lipinska, A., Perrineau, M.-M., Henry, A., Strittmatter, M., Coelho, S.M. & Cock, J.M. 2017. The Ectocarpus IMMEDIATE UPRIGHT gene encodes a member of a novel family of cysteine-rich proteins that have an unusual distribution across the eukaryotes. Development, accepted ms (December 2016).
90. Kawai, H., Hanyuda, Kim, S.-H., Ichikawa, Y., Uwai, S. & Peters, A.F. 2016. Cladosiphon takenoensis sp. nov. (Ectocarpales, s.l., Phaeophyceae) from Japan. Phycological Research 64: 212-218. doi: 10.1111/pre.12140.
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